Friday, June 01, 2007

Still hate Tallahassee

So instead of going to sleep between 2 and 6....I got to drive all night. As soon as I was done with the 2pm bags there were 6 pm bags and when those were done there were 10 pm bags. SO......grrr. I hate people. I don't see how Tallahassee is a working city, as in, the layout of the roads, their highway system.....I don't know how people live with this shit. There is one freeway that goes through the north part of Tallahassee and that is I-10. There are US hwys....aka....normal streets that go through the city, but they are sooooo packed they shouldn't even have the US in front of their number. Honestly.... Thomasville Rd is a joke. Going 15mph at 3pm is a joke. The speed limit on that road is a joke. In Texas, that speed limit would be 60. Not 45. Orange Ave....that speed limit would also be 60. With the way that people here drive, I'm amazed that you even have to take a drivers test to get your licence honestly. (Texas people...they drive 99% worse then Dallas drivers) As for the gas stations closing at Ever heard of people WORKING at night and not always needing gas before 9pm?

Honestly you may think that I bitch and moan all the time about Tallahassee, but I have yet to find one positive thing to say about this place. The people are rude, if you arn't born here you are immediately outcasted. The way the streets are layed out, it is amazing that this place isn't a toll road yet. Having 3 exits off of I-10 is a mistake. Construction on Capital Circle in 10 different places at the same time is dumb, fix one part and move on, it will go faster I promise. These fucking college kids that think they are the best things to happen to this place are sadly mistaken and I can't wait for them to get in the real world and their mommys and daddys are no longer paying for everything and they fail miserabley because they have been sheltered their entire life. But knowing some of the people here, their parents are going to end up buying them houses and babysitting their kids because this generation is to dependant. ((I am in this Generation and I can say whatever I would like about them because I hate people my age without a passion))


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